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ZOE CASTILLO by cybaBABE ZOE CASTILLO :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 93 48
:w00t::sun:HI EVERYBODY!!!</b>:sun::w00t:
hope all americans had a nice independence day! i have collected a bunch of superiour vectors for you, but before i present you this week's collection, please pay some attention to this:
Vector-Artists is starting a new program aimed at bringing the own club community closer together. It is a way to commission artists here to do artwork that benefits our members with subscriptions and/or Deviant Dollars. Heres how it works:
First, we need some volunteers here from our members, especially the well known ones. Any of our members, or visitors may commission the artists who sign up to do a vector or vexel drawing. As payment, the buyer agrees to buy a subscription for one of our members chosen by the artist (this can be pre-negotiated terms, or at least a 1 year sub and/or Deviant Dollars). To start the program, :iconcoraybee: has decided to commission rjonesdesign. For payment, he will ch
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 44 26
TUISHIMIs TARANTULA by cybaBABE TUISHIMIs TARANTULA :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 106 99 LAPIDARY by cybaBABE LAPIDARY :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 24 24 COCONUT CANDY by cybaBABE COCONUT CANDY :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 29 39
good eve boys and girls, this is cybaBABE speaking ;)
since my moving is over, i am a proud active member of :iconvector-artists:
some of you may already know my weekly VECTOR DELUXE FEATURES, for those who already know and for all others aswell: from now on i will release my news in the name of the club. feel free to send a message/or note with the subject "JOIN", if you wanna become a member. (and please add us to your watch-list). ~kirsty-lee, =rjonesdesign or me will add you to our member list asap. some more patience for real club-action will be rewarded soon!!!
but here we go with the weekly showcase of exciting stuff from the dA vector gallery! have FUN and enjoy the FULL VIEW!!!

Cherry Spring by Asher-BeeDeparture, 2008 by leavingsosoon
Lotus Elise by jotapehqDjarum Black Urban Art 2008 by dhimasleo by AlviNxNeilHavaianas by Mensan
Small-mouth-Bass by GraphicDreamLayout Havaianas by Mensan:thumb
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 49 30
hi folks!
hope you all had a nice weekend so far!
here in germany it's almost over again, but a few hours left for fun and recreation.
maybe you wanna spend a great time with our latest showcase of awesome
pieces from the dA vector-gallery (all from the last week).
feel free to send a message/or note with the subject "JOIN", if you wanna become a member of our club. (and please add us to your watch-list). ~kirsty-lee, =rjonesdesign or me will add you to our member list asap. some more patience for real club-action will be rewarded soon!!!
but here we go with the features of the week! have FUN and please always enjoy the FULL VIEW!!!

Beauty Dies by TankArtistMarcos by freedinamica
life in a bright colours by adriano10this is gold 08 by dm4eold by applecoregasm:thumb82307903:
New Beginnings by desmo100:thumb82279616:Flowers by LadyAngelustramontina by spiess
60's girls by WytseKloos:thumb82240854
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 68 33
VECTOR DELUXE ARTISTS: ~yudhiecavalera
we really love to feature great artists. beside the VECTOR DELUXE FEATURES-series we decided to publish artist features aswell.
we go on with a really smart guy from indonesia today:
yudhie cavalera aka ~yudhiecavalera.
take your time and visit his gallery,
you will find really amazing pieces!!!
here are some fantastic examples:

ice water by yudhiecavalerauntil it's sleep by yudhiecavalera
unforgiven by yudhiecavalera:thumb81505730:Keith Richards by yudhiecavaleraVanessa Mae by yudhiecavalera
model photo by yudhiecavalerahand by yudhiecavaleragot milk? by yudhiecavaleralie to me by yudhiecavalera
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 12 9
hi everybody ;)
time for another artist feature. this time i decided to do an interview with my soulmate from indonesia:*balung
introduce yourself in a few words
My name is Adam Novianto. Balung means bone (a javaneese word). My friends call me 'balung' coz i'm skinny. It's also a reason why i use skull as an icon/logo/signature.
I was born and grew up in Surakarta/ Solo, Indonesia. I continued my study at the Faculty of Pharmacy Airlangga University Surabaya and just finished my study on February 14th 2008. Now i'm back to my parent's house in Solo.
I love this city very much. My girfriend ( I hope she will be my wife ) lives here. I can hang out with my neighbours at the wedangan ( a coffee stall on a side walk ) accros my parent's house, ( sometime i meet ngupi here ), drinking ice tea, The traditional atmosphere is still thick here, i can  listen to wayang Kulit on the radio. People live calm and peaceful here, not in such a rush like in Jakarta
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 24 28
hey folks ;p
sunday afternoon in germany means: time for the latest vector feature!
hope you all had a great weekend so far and there's some time left for watching some great vector pieces. i have to repeat myself: please enjoy the FULL VIEW!!! it's really worth it.
but here we go with my latest collection:

Warpath IV by darquem:thumb82892346:
Daiquiri by DeeRose:thumb82930613:Trans-am by darquemMischief and Glamour by i-Of-The-Storm
glowworm by salmonelaManzanita by darthwilMonica by tahoGril Portrait 4 by shingudoo
:thumb82999870:Elf by themacxdisco love.. by awakenasleepD.J by 23w
:thumb83040067::thumb83041893::thumb83058094:treasure by reactivator
Girl_5 by LinARTThe King Of Pawns by m4d-dogWhere There's Smoke by verucasalt82Sumo by bettyfishcake
:thumb83092204::thumb83094440:con.fusion by souloffvector-art: house m.d. by mart-art
:thumb83120996:Naketano by kaneda99Prisicila Sividanes by Kinhodesign:thumb83129012:
Nissan Skyline GTR by wilde-mediaLeft In The Lurch by Cloxboysolid by Draydizzlekirschen by Samidare88
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 51 28
hey folks :p
i don't have much time today for writing a long text, because the weather is really fine, sunny and about 22 degrees. time to leave the house and enjoy the rest of my sunday.
here is the latest showcase of really cool vector-art from the last week:

KOI by Creatuncotpp by jhalik
Helo by jorgepackerToucan Poster by datticexLe Bondi by scuzzoPetruX - Mecha by ajiraiya
:thumb83562017:The Suit 3 by Kamuji01. The Castle by StainedxAngel by Applemoment
Self Portrait by Pupuchakugive peace a chance by duygualtumsek:thumb83675716:Next stop: Heart station by Kassworkshop
:thumb83685696:Christina Milian by KendraLaRoseMagic_trip by ghassan747Beks by tmargato
space horse by cyberninaCA, Burro, Pato, Lobo by JoniGodoy:thumb83828631::thumb83864720:
:thumb83874140:george clooney by braeonArt:thumb83883274::thumb83886743:
Too late to Post by killvirgoLike Mother Like son by phoenixVectorCreative Minds 2 by THENUPSYKORGANIC KOMODITY by AYIB
my first summer by grazrootz:thumb83923922:In Memory of Sgt Merlin German by yankeedogaboi tulog by ShinAboi
make your day more colorfull by hika12ikoi geta by sahua:thumb83979722::thumb83991839:
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 45 28
good morning folks
sorry for one day delay,...yesterday was such a beautyful sunny and warm day that i had to stay outside the house allday long. it was soo lovely!!!
but now i proudly present you the VECTOR DELUXE COLLECTION from the last week. awesome pieces again! please FULL VIEW :p

stop+stare by zhoiePicnic by danielle
orpheo 29 vector by thevilutionAlice in Wonderland by gkimSonido by akugyouzaI'm Nikonian by dhimas
zanurz by czeraszpuppet by zhoieOjo the Orangutan by g-technicalMike Jordan by jaimevalle
the Ultimate Power by theSIGNerObama Mask by schwa242seasons cliche by sir-rudolphPonds Manicure Beauty Model by Jette-Yuan
Urban Victory by DomNX:thumb84502521:Together - Sweet Sunday by ninearabathtime by kaberoo
rat hunter by kaberooAnne Hathaway by KendraLaRoseSofa by sqtClearly Amicable by TankArtist
Alpio Stanchi 2008 by alpioThe Encounter by SabuDNThe Globe by SabuDNsweet child by robi015
:thumb84569900::thumb84576462:Blue Sky 52 by desPROWHappy Mother s Day by sevenswirl
composition by ghassan747Morning by MaximK:thumb84708907:That Old Black Magic by yankeedog
:thumb84734109:Juanos by merthiolate
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 47 23
hi everyone ;)
time for the latest vector-collection!

A Gruff Goat Named Billy by rebel-penguin:thumb84954577:
:thumb84965355:Goomba by Ecstatic-ectsyAmy Lee by KendraLaRoseIsrael by alpio
a journey to the heart by dbrown1983Ctrl + Sex by ChewedKandithe INside of my skull by theSIGNer:thumb85066523:
FAIL by XenothereCover final by attitudechick:thumb85139898:sweet dreams by MistaMaeil
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo by CammyBmnki by kicMini compo by ve123Psychedelic Mustache by roberlan
Audrey II by scuzzoClean Song by MickeynsBlue Bird by doormouse1960store sign by nosepilot
The Chills by j3conceptsBlue Isis by rjonesdesignALP's smile by fdspWolf in the Mist by g-technical
Malang 94th Anniversary by desPROWSwan Vomit Playhouse by marywinklerPunK iT by Surrounda desire to hold by dbrown1983
London Calling by AimhaDesigndreamer by FriedhelmEspresso Machine Gradient Mesh by SynctIbu Pertiwi by StevenZ
Judge U by astang:thumb85434852:Springtime in the Pond by desmo100Zenith by Overcomer
any questions about vector?
have a look at this: Vector Do's & Dont's Vol. 2:
or join this chat: :#Vectorgasm:
see you next sunday! best regards, :devc
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 49 29
good afternoon everybody
summer is just one step away and it's time to go outside and enjoy nature ;) maybe that is one reason why there were not as many vector submissions as usual. but the ones that are featured here this sunday are really worth to take a closer look ;) please FULL VIEW !!!
here we go:

:thumb85699706:Inside the mind of geghe by boyet
:thumb85765761::thumb85778230:GMC Yukon in vectors by CRCavazosYour Touch.. by Briteeyez89
Paris 'Maneater' Hilton by berto-samaJillian by TamvakisPhotoPunk Odzy by TamvakisPhoto:thumb85799937:
moonlightin by AvarreScarlett Johansson by sevenswirlCharlie Chaplin Lighting Up by JenniferOHcious:thumb85809294:
Love by bellapinkNintendo Gameboy by JackMcIntyreCowokku selingkuh! by totallyblackAmphlizard by arachnidlove
Union Pacific Pin-Up by yankeedogMixtape by guimarconiAuto by Matveich:thumb85939208:
Chrysler PT Cruiser by OlviaVikaFlying Frigate fire by LimKisUntitled by okuu
in this regular showcase, we feature strictly vector work.
you will find also awesome pieces from vexel and vector artists in:
Vexelove's Selec
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 41 23
good morning everybody ;p
hope everyone had a great weekend. i spended a beautyful sunday with my friend and his family.
as beautyful as my weekend was are the vectors that i collected for you during last week. please FULL VIEW and let those awesome pictures sink in!
here we go:

Candy Land by punkt11:thumb86869489:
Fear by AYIB:thumb86872452:Samurai by theRGB:thumb86882286:
mr.garant by monterxzPrison by un-tonto-de-ironiaMegan Fox by KendraLaRoseObama We Can by pmowemo
Praises by HouseofChabrierCarmen Soo - M'sia Top Model by chiseengemini:thumb86933606:5110 Hearts by fade319
Falling Poison by LostFableDemon B by healmentalTigers by charlimarron68 Fasty by jmsheahan
Activities by brainboxzJester Octopus by halil-artsony ericsson W300i color by Yeta-san:thumb87067723:
Groove is in the heart by womanwithagunVW Beetle tunig by fatavareGraffiti by TheOutcast1821:thumb87214715:
Smurfettized 01 by au-minus:thumb87255611:arjuna by bazzieroctopus - colour combinations by Bad-Blood
Self Portrait by cLos71Learn to say.. by saramaniaWhat a Hell by lanitta:thumb87352121:
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 45 25
hi folks ;)
our destination today: BRAZIL!!! home of the fabulous caipirinha and some very deluxe vector artists. i met a  soopa nice guy here on dA with a pretty awesome gallery. he is called Marcus Vinicius aka cd-marcus
i asked him for an interview, he fortunately said "yes", so here are his interesting answers:
introduce yourself in a few words
My name is Marcus Vinicius, 33 years old (1974) and I was born in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná state, south of Brazil, the city where I live until today. It is a nice place to live, but Curitiba has the worst weather of the whole world, if you ask me… mostly cold, and we can have like the four seasons during a single day.
how did you fall in love with vector art and why?
In the end of 2004 I was doodling with transparency, gradient and blend effects over some icons (the Apple icon, to be exact), to see if I could make that realistic glossy look of real Apple logo placed in some computer
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 25 7



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